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Tools Every Man Should Have in His Garage

Which tools do you really need?

Especially men often have more tools than they really need. Which are the most important ones that should not be missing in any household?

The ruler as the measure of all things

Without a rule, no mirror can be hung straight, no wall shelf mounted. The foldable scales made of plastic or wood are indispensable, the usual measure of two meters in the right place.

Which screwdrivers do you really need?

A set with a variety of screwdrivers does not need a home improvement in the household. A maximum of five is really needed: two slotted and two Phillips screwdrivers and a small screwdriver with a voltage tester. Much more important than the quantity is – as with all tools – the quality.

The hammer is the most important tool

Not too heavy and not too light must be the hammer. A weight of 300 grams is the right choice for most applications. The hammer is useful not only for nail hammering in the wall but also for numerous other work.

The pliers

It is used to cut off the wire and to remove nails. The longer the pliers, the better the leverage.

A handsaw for all cases

A small universal saw is suitable for cutting metal, wood, and plastic. It really belongs in every tool case.

Some wrenches

There are also wrenches in the set – better a smaller than a lesser quality. Combined ring and fork spanners from six to seventeen millimeters cover a wide range of applications.

The toolbox

A toolbox ensures that the most important tool is completely together. Whether it’s made of metal or plastic, it does not matter if it’s big enough – even with regard to tools that may be purchased later.

The drill as a universal tool

A drill should not be too big to use as an alternative as an electric screwdriver. For an electronic speed control is necessary. For dowelling, it should have a Schlagbohrfunktion and have enough power reserves.

Tool for work on the electrical system

In addition to this basic equipment, additional tools are recommended for special tasks:

For electrical work, these are, in addition to the voltage tester, a string cutter and a pair of needle nose pliers and a simple multimeter (multimeter). A pair of pliers is perfectly adequate, it does not need a whole assortment.

Work in the sanitary area

A bathroom fitting can also be unscrewed with a suitable wrench. Better suited to this is a water pipe pliers. Again, the length determines the possible leverage.

Safety equipment

  • safety goggles
  • working gloves
  • ear protection
  • Atemschutmaske
  • safety shoes

Nice-to-have: the little things that make life easier

  • tool belt, so you have everything important to the man. Also on the ladder.
  • Kitchen knife for quick scraping
  • Crochet hook to get lost from corners
  • A wooden clothespin (to hold the nail if you yourself or the other may not be quite as accurate)


  • 5, 6 and 8 dowels
  • Screws in different sizes, also suitable for the dowels
  • Steel nails (for concrete walls)
  • Normal nails in various sizes
  • wood glue
  • Normal glue
  • Gafferband (fixed adhesive tape)
  • Cable ties – are always practical

Power tool

Nowadays the most important of all power tools:

  • The cordless screwdriver
    Recommendation: at least 10.8-volt lithium-ion battery. Here you have some juice and can easily leave the battery for a few months and continue working immediately. Price recommendation: 100 Euro may well cost the good piece.Devices from 18 volts we would buy with Schlagwerk. These can also drill into most stone walls, thereby saving the use of the drill (and therefore annoying power supply) in 90% of all cases.
  • This includes a set of the most common bits. Inexpensive sets in acceptable quality are available from 15 euros.
  • Drill with punch function
  • Usual drills for stone and wood
  • Jigsaw with the usual leaves (is always used, but is not necessarily necessary)

A tool, you really need – Proven recommendations

When moving from home or at the latest when buying your own property, it is important to clarify which tool you really need. Our advice: fewer tools bring more enjoyment of work if we rely on the skillful selection and quality instead of abundance. The article contains our concrete recommendations plus a practical download, which can be taken to the expression in the hardware store.


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