The 8 Types of People You Find on the Internet


7) The Social Media Crazed Parent
This type extends much wider than the label. It isn’t only parents who act this way online; it’s pretty much anyone over the age of 40.

While the social justice warrior is all about fighting for the greater good, the social media crazed parent is online for themselves. Maybe they have something figured out here…

They share whatever it is that tickles their fancy! If they so much as smirk at a post, they’ll share it. If they agree with a corny quote, they’ll share it. If there is a questionnaire going around, you’ll bet they’ll fill it out in their status. Even political or cultural posts aren’t off limits. They don’t care if the opinion portrayed in the post is controversial; they’ll share it anyway.

Why? Because they agree with it and they want to. If you look at their Facebook wall it is a perfected reflection of who they are as people.

Sure, maybe it makes you roll your eyes when your mom shares some corny photo about loving her kids. But at least she isn’t trolling anyone.