The 8 Types of People You Find on the Internet


6) The Social Justice Warrior
The thing about the social justice warrior is they are many of the types rolled into one. They are often over-sharers, who think it’s their duty to comment on every injustice (in their eyes) that comes to their attention in whatever vein it is they are passionate about. They are also often righteous revisers, seeking out those with archaic and ignorant opinions so they can be the ones to bring them to the light (or at least throw them under the bus).

They view themselves as a beacon of light to those around them, sharing the truth that no one else will! They can change the world simply by sharing every feminist, liberal, environmental, and vegan article or video in existence!

Hey, being passionate about your beliefs is admirable. But for the social justice warrior, that passion is only unleashed online. And may the gods be with you if you choose to cross one.