The 8 Types of People You Find on the Internet


4) The Religious Fanatic
Similar to the self-appointed political pundit, the religious fanatic manages to turn any conversation into a religious debate. The funny thing is, both religious people and atheists fall under this category!

For people who don’t believe in God, some atheists sure are obsessed with religion. What an uplifting article about baptism! I sure am glad the atheists showed up to start laying down the truth about how the water is just water and how anyone who believes such crap is an immoral idiot!

Just as bad are the religious people who think it’s going to help to start sending people to hell when they witness anything that doesn’t align with their beliefs.

Hey, free speech is a right worth preserving and your beliefs (whether religious or not) are worth defending. But if you truly care about what you are preaching you’d probably realize that you’re better off having conversations with people in person and not on the internet.

Has anyone been converted either way based on a comment they read on Facebook? Probably not.