The 8 Types of People You Find on the Internet


2) The Righteous Reviser
The righteous reviser is a more elusive creature on the internet, only popping up now and again when the situation calls for it. They lurk around the corner of every Facebook post,  YouTube comment, and tweet, waiting to raise the sword of intellectual superiority that is theirs to wield!

Intellectual superiority, in their eyes, is equivalent to moral superiority. Make a simple spelling or grammatical error? The reviser is there to make sure you know what an utter scourge you are on the earth. How dare you breathe the same air as these good people whose eyes have forever been marred by your insolence?

Quote a fact or statistic incorrectly or even have an opinion they disagree with? You will immediately be cast down by their holy staff of correction, marked forever as a foolish mortal who tried to fly too close to the sun. How dare you pretend to have greater knowledge than the being who knows all?

Basically, the righteous reviser is on the lookout for any opportunity to let the world know they are the most intelligent person in the universe.