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Psychological Effects of Social Media on Youth

Psychological effects of social media on youth. In the current era of globalization, science and technological advances are increasingly being presented with very rapid development in our daily lives. There are a lot of activities in all levels of society whether it’s activities that include the world of careers, business, education, even social activities that use technology to help carry out this activity.

However, all these developments led to new problems in the community. The frequency of the use of social media that very much triggers the impact of the impact on the psychological user. Psychology is composed of many perspectives such as  Educational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Personality Psychology, adolescent psychology, social psychology, the psychology of Islam, health psychology and so on. Well, on this occasion, we will discuss the psychological impact on social media. Come on, let’s see together!

Psychological Effects of Social Media on Youth
Psychological Effects of Social Media on Youth

The Meaning of Social Media

Social media is essentially a tool created to facilitate communication between one person and another person. Even though they must cross distance, time and space. Social media is used as a place to strengthen mutual relations between friends.

Likewise, with social media, social media which was originally intended because it is very potential as a mediator that is good at socializing, on the other hand, it is misused by certain parties. One of the uses that we often feel is that there are lots of advertisements that often appear on television, now may include social media accounts such as social media, public figures as a place to promote or provide information in the form of a tester about a marketed product.

On the other hand, there are also many negative reports due to social media such as fraudulent sales of products on behalf of one of the public figures by utilizing social media in the form of an Instagram account. In fact, there is also news of fraud and kidnapping through Facebook or Twitter networks with the mode of acquaintance, chatting, meeting in a meeting and then being kidnapped.

1. Social Media As A Means Of Disclosing A Good Self

Scientists have agreed that talking about ourselves will have an impact on one’s psychology in the form of a sense of satisfaction and an excellent sense of pleasure. Suppose when we use social media to give a post in the form of “Really today I am very happy because I got a national level math champion”.

Pay attention to this status, that besides this status intends to merely express someone’s joy and pride because he gets the math champion but the real meaning that the person is expressing himself to the public, he is attracting the attention of others to talk about himself.

2. Effects of Social Media Posts on Someone’s Mood

Emotions are very likely to be transmitted through social media. We ourselves may have been carried away or contracted emotions that were shared through social media. Posts that contain a positive or negative side will definitely affect the reader. We are as if being led to feel the same thing with people who are posting that status. Try to avoid negative posts that can damage your mood. If you already see negative posts, you can quickly find more interesting and fun uploads so that the damaged mood can immediately get better again.

3. Social Media Is at Risk of Causing Envy

Experts prove that uploading someone’s success in achieving or getting something can trigger feelings of jealousy, jealousy, and suffering for someone. This kind of thing cannot be denied. Everyone will compete to show their success on social media for the sake of existence and platform from netizens.

Such a post status has been exemplified by the first psychological impact, that when he uploaded that status to social media, there would be many friends who were jealous of his success in getting a national level math champion.

4. Social Media Potential to Cause Anxiety

The existence of continuous pressure contained in social media will cause high levels of anxiety and depression for adolescents. For example, when there is a discount promotion that is being carried out by a shopping center by announcing it through social media. Everyone, especially women, will compete to get the discount.

It might be good for people who at that time have enough money, but for people who might be having money difficulties at the time, they will always feel anxious and even depressed because they cannot get an ongoing discount.

5. Social Media Gives Fun Feelings

If we learn a little about what actually benefits someone to upload photos or videos, post a status that gives us information where we are or what we are going through social media? But research shows that when someone tells you everything he does to be shown to others on social media will give a sense of pleasure for those of us who upload it.

6. Social Media Causes Individualism

Someone who is active in using social media will form the character of someone who is individualistic. This means that they do not care about the state of the environment because when someone uses social media, they will tend to be absorbed in the world and ignore social interaction with other people in real life. This will result in poor social relations between people.

8. Social Media Causes Prestige

Social media addicts will always reveal themselves in a virtual world that is different from themselves in the real world. They will always show themselves as someone who is perfect but not in accordance with himself in the real world. This problem is usually triggered by a sense of prestige so that a person does not dare to present his true picture.

Psychological Handling of Social Media

The use of social media that has an impact on a person’s psychological condition can also be overcome by the following:

  • Change the habit of socializing in cyberspace to socialize in the real world. Start paying attention to the surrounding environment and reduce the use of gadgets by interacting with other people.
  • Turn your attention to filling time with things that are more useful so that you don’t spend your hours with accessing social media.
  • Set the maximum time limit for smartphone use to reduce the effects of addiction.

Such is the psychological impact caused by the use of social media. The progress of this technology should be addressed wisely especially by young people so that it can have a more positive impact. It is very important for everyone to know how to avoid these bad habits and replace them with more useful things.


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