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Positive effects of social media on self-esteem

Definition of social media is an online media, where users can easily participate, share and create content including blogs, social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Myspace and Twitter), wikis, forums, and the virtual world.

In the use of social media the most frequently used people are social networks because this site allows people to create personal web pages, which can connect with friends to share information and communicate.

Positive effects of social media on self-esteem

The use of Social Media has penetrated almost all levels and groups, both government officials, businessmen, traders, public servants, students, etc. The use of social media has a very positive impact, especially in interacting both socially, politically and economically. The use of social media makes it easy to communicate, both friends and family.

Of the many social networks, the use of Facebook and Twitter is the most loved by people because it is more practical, economical and inexpensive to use. Simply having a smartphone, we can already access information anytime and anywhere through social media, and the most interesting because we can convey information related to our activities, both personal and group.

We can send the required information easily and quickly, as well as access the information we need. We meet a lot of friends or family who has never met through social media Facebook for a long time. Social media can be used as a means to share, exchange photos, data, and other documents.

The positive impact of using social media is:

1. As an information storage medium. Which is very easy to spread through social networking sites. In just a few minutes after the event, we have been able to enjoy the information.

2. Social networking sites make children and teens more friendly, caring. By using websites, internet users around the world can exchange information quickly and cheaply.

3. Social media can connect with friends to make it easier for people who have distant relatives, this social network is very useful and has a role to reunite families and relatives who are far from us, and who are far away from those who have not met. This can be done through virtual media such as video calls.

4. Facilitate shopping, such as selling daily necessities on social media, online shops, men and women, this is very easy to do, this allows small entrepreneurs to promote their products and services without spending a lot of money. Especially for students who need money with side jobs that are not so difficult. They just have to use their cellphone and quota and then promote it, from friends to friends, neighbors, even those who are far away.

5. Social media can also be used as a way of preaching or conveying Islamic teachings. As a means to develop skills and social. Users can socialize with the public managing a network of friends, and adapting to anyone, even strangers from all over the world.

Be mature

Nowadays, many people use social media much more ‘naturally ‘. And yes, they sometimes take a smartphone break in the evening or during the holidays. And a good thing too. But those who deal with it in such an adult way know only too well that there are also very many positive effects on social media. We notice this on a daily basis through conversations with our target group. By making your organization an ‘open kitchen’ on social media and by appearing on the timeline a lot – and relevant – the organization becomes ‘top-of-mind’ when it comes to … But this week we saw a few more Articles appear about the positive effects of social media.

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