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List of Materials Needed to Build a House

Materials needed to build a house. Owning your own home is a dream that almost everyone has. The price is not cheap and it takes a long time to realize the dream. Therefore you must pay attention to the building material used to build it. Make sure everything is quality so that the house can last for a long time.

Do you intend to have your own home? If you already have a patch of empty land, it’s good if you choose the option to build your own house. Tips for Making a Simple Home by building your own house, you can determine the quality of building materials that you will use in making your dream home. Even if you have a relatively right budget, by building your own house you can do the development process gradually.

List of Materials Used to Build a House

List of materials needed to build a house:

Brick building material

The first building material was red brick. The price is quite expensive compared to the replacement material such as brick but for its strength no need to doubt. The size is large and medium so that it can be adjusted to the model of the house to be built.

Stone times

The initial stage of making a house is making a foundation. Tips for Making a Modern Minimalist Home with the usual path foundation applied for the construction of a one-story house and chicken claw foundation applied for the construction of multi-story houses. On the usual path foundation, the construction is a stone structure that is united with mortar and sand. River stones are often chosen as foundation materials because they are stronger than other foundation materials. The choice of other foundation materials to replace the river stone between bricks, white stones, and mountain stones.


The cement building material functions to glue the bricks so that they can become sturdy walls. Cement is also used to glue tile floors. For cement mixing, you need a comparison between the water and the right cement so that it can glue well.

Cement serves as an adhesive in the construction of houses. Both from building foundations, walls of houses, concrete, plastering walls, and various other home workmanship will definitely require a lot of cement.  How to overcome the crack wall is to choose cement and sand that has good quality.

Sand is also important

Sand is used as a cement mixture. Good sand is sand that has little mud content. This is because the content of sludge in the cement will inhibit the bond between cement and sand.

Iron building materials

Building material in the form of iron concrete serves as a framework for the construction of houses. The size of the concrete iron varies from 10 mm to 12 m. There are types that are plain, threaded, and canal shape. This concrete iron frame is then filled with cement and sand dough.

Red brick

Bricks function in making the walls of the house. A good brick has hard features, is not easily broken, and is the same size as one brick with another brick.

Nowadays brick makers are getting better at dealing with brick making, they start sprinkling salt in the finishing stage. The addition of salt aims to make the brick dry quickly and ripen quickly when burned. The disadvantage of adding salt is that the brick breaks easily.

Brick making

The alternative material for red bricks in making walls is brick. Made from a mixture of sand and cement with a ratio of 8: 1. The making is relatively easier than making red brick because it does not require burning. The price is also more affordable. The disadvantage of brick is that it absorbs more heat, so the house that uses brick as a wall will be hotter during the day.


Wood is often used in wards, tile battens, window door frames, and some houses that have relatively high rainfall, some also use wood like floors and walls as a way to deal with damp and moldy walls. Good wood is fairly dry wood. If the wood is still wet, after several months of the woodwork in the building the wood will bend.


A sturdy house building will not be complete if there is no tile building material that serves to protect the occupants of the house from the heat of the sun and rain. In general, tiles are made from clay. This building material has very strong durability and is not easily weathered due to weather changes so it does not need to be replaced until a dozen or even decades into the future.

Don’t forget to buy some tiles made of glass so that the house becomes bright during the day, because sunlight can enter through this glass tile. Installation of glass tile is also one way to prevent and overcome the walls of the house to be moist and moldy.


The frame where the doors, windows, and ventilation of houses are installed. Installation of sills that stick dead with the wall makes us have to be smart to choose wood as the material for making it. Choose wood that is completely dry for the frame so that the shape will not curve after a few months of installation and sun exposure every day. How to Install an Aluminum Frame is very different from a wooden frame. Cover both has advantages and disadvantages.

It’s good if you buy trees from people you know so you can choose really old wood. After the wood you buy dries, you can ask the frame maker to make a frame that has the shape you want. This will save money and the wood you use is guaranteed quality.


Ceramics are used to enhance the appearance of the floor. In addition, ceramics are also often installed on the bathroom wall so that the wall opposite the bathroom is more durable and the wall is free from mold and mildew. Installation of ceramics can also facilitate the process of cleaning the floor.  Tips for Choosing Ceramics, for example, Tips for Choosing Kitchen Floor Ceramics and Tips for Choosing Bathroom Ceramics is very different.


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