8 Ways You Are Holding Yourself Back from Success

Making Excuses

We are living in a dynamic and competitive world where everyone is striving to be successful. This might be in the form of success at work, success with your own personally run business, success with your artistic projects, or success in your relationships.

Regardless of what form it takes, success is a key factor in our happiness. Nothing beats that feeling of satisfaction we get when we accomplish something.

At the same time, nothing is more frustrating than being unable to attain the level of success we crave. Most of the time, our inability to be successful is due to avoidable obstacles that are built around bad habits and fear.

Here’s a breakdown of the ways we are holding ourselves back from achieving success in life.

Making Excuses
Making excuses is a surefire way to hinder progress and ensure you never finish anything. Even small excuses here and there can be detrimental because they allow you to avoid doing things that are important to the bigger picture.

It also breeds in you a mindset of making excuses so that when it does come to those bigger projects your first reaction is to make an excuse. The best way we can deal with this problem is to catch yourself making them and ensure you do the things you have just made the excuse about.