8 Useful Skills You Wish You’d Been Taught in School

What Taxes Are and How to Pay Them

Every young adult has experienced it… you feel all grown up as a college student or a recent grad. Thinking to yourself how great it is to be an adult now where you have the freedom to do whatever you want. But that gleeful feeling only lasts until tax season rolls around. Or you get a flat tire while driving. Suddenly you realize you don’t know how to adult at all!

At least you know how to do long division and can name all the presidents, though, right? That makes up for everything.

Here are eight useful skills we all wish we had been taught in school!

What Taxes Are and How to Pay Them
It is quite a shock when you look at your first employment check and realize how much of it is missing. Understanding why taxes come out of your check and how to file your taxes each year is an important part of how our government works.

Likewise, the penalties and potential legal trouble you could have for not filing definitely makes understanding the process worthwhile.