8 Types of People We All Know

The Good Listener

Every person on the planet has their own personality traits. Each mannerism within each person forms the characteristics that make each individual distinct from all others.

There are eight personality traits that are most prominent among human beings. Sure, all of these exist in varying degrees, but everyone can probably think of at least one person they know who fits into each behavior category.

P.S. If you can’t think of anyone you know that fits into one of these categories, that probably means it’s YOU.

The Good Listener
The good listener is the person to which anyone can bring their problems, trials and tribulations. It is well-known that this type of person is always there for friends, family and anyone who may need a good listening ear or sounding board.

This individual is always up for conversation and lives to help others through their tough times. This person might not even be great at giving advice; they’re a good friend simply because they are willing make time to listen to others vent and validate their feelings.