8 Things We Should All Stop Complaining About


We all love complaining. It’s practically the basis of all our conversations with one another!

We’re never going to be able to entirely eradicate complaining from our vernacular. It’s simply part of who we are as humans.

However, it’s important to remember that even the simplest, most common complaint can have a big impact on the way we view the world. If we stopped complaining about these things, we might find that our perspective on life becomes that much brighter!

Here are the things we should all stop complaining about today.

It’s something that is ingrained into all of us from a very young age. Probably even as kindergartners we witnessed teachers in the hallway giving each other tired looks and bemoaning, “Another Monday.” We heard our parents at the dinner table talking about work. “How was your day, honey?” “Oh, you know, a typical Monday.” Which we understood to mean that the day was arduous and painful.

As we got older, we began to internalize this ourselves. At school we expected that Mondays would be a drudgery. At our first job we knew that Mondays were to be complained about with our coworkers.

The same way people take joy over Fridays because it means it’s almost the weekend, in an almost unified force people express their despise for Mondays. But is this really warranted?

Sure, everyone loves the weekend, a time for leisure and fun, and so going back to work again is a sobering experience. But it happens every. single week. You know that it’s coming! And you know that in five short days, the weekend will be here again! There’s no need to get all existential about it.

All this requires is a change of mindset. On Sunday nights, recognize that you had an enjoyable weekend, but that tomorrow it’s time to get to work again. View this as not being a big deal… because in all honesty, it’s really not!

If you absolutely hate your job and so dread going back to work on Mondays, then it sounds like you have an issue with your job, not with Mondays themselves. And if you enjoy your job, then there really should be no problem with being back at work again. It’s simply a chance of pace from your weekend routine!

Remember that being a weekend warrior is never going to be as gratifying as if you are a week-long warrior. Take full advantage of your weekends, by all means. But don’t forget that you should be appreciative of every day, even with its more banal tasks.