8 Signs You Shouldn’t Have Kids

You Love Late Nights and Even Later Mornings

Society dictates that we should fall in love, get married and have several kids. But let’s face it, that life just isn’t for all of us.

You probably already know if you are the kind of person who shouldn’t have kids. And, really, why should people get so upset about you announcing that having kids isn’t for you? At least you have the foresight and self-awareness to realize what a terrible, terrible parent you would be.

But just in case you’re on the fence about things, here are some surefire signs that kids aren’t for you.

You Love Late Nights and Even Later Mornings
For those that enjoy a night owl lifestyle, staying up until four in the morning and sleeping in until noon, having kids is not going to work. Kids are loud, they need constant attention and they don’t like to let you sleep in. Gross.

If you can’t handle functioning with less than six hours of sleep, then having kids probably isn’t the best plan…