8 Selfless Acts in History That Prove Humanity Isn’t All Bad

Self-Sacrifice to Save

It’s an age-old question — are people inherently good or evil? Between the current political climate, ramblings on social media, and any recent trips to Walmart, it’s easy to think people are horrible. However, these amazing examples of selflessness can restore even the most jaded person’s faith in humanity.

Self-Sacrifice to Save
Rick Rescorla was the Director of Security at Morgan Stanley on September 11, 2001. From his South Tower office in The World Trade Centre, he watched a plane fly into the North Tower. Ignoring orders to stay at his desk, he led an evacuation of the offices, singing to keep people calm as the building shook while a second plane crashed into the floors above them.

With the Morgan Stanley employees safe, he was last seen going back upstairs to help evacuate more people as the South Tower collapsed. Over 2,600 people made it out of the South Tower because of his actions.

It could be said that Rick Rescorla’s selfless actions counteract at least some of the damages of 9/11: while the perpetrators exercised self-sacrifice in order to cause pain and death, Rick did so to create hope and save lives.