8 Relationship Hang Ups You Shouldn’t Be Hung up On


There are certain things you definitely shouldn’t put up with in a relationship. Standards are important in order to make sure you are able to find someone who brings out the best in you and treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

However, sometimes people go a little too far when it comes to their standards. They have specific expectations in mind as to what they are looking for in a partner and an ideal of what a relationship looks like.

But what people often forget is that relationships don’t have rules. People are unique and, as a result, no one relationship is going to be the same. Instead of basing your dating expectations off of what dating websites recommend or what Hollywood portrays, do what works for you and what fulfills you the most.

Don’t get overly hung up over the following relationship hang ups! This isn’t a formula for a perfect relationship, but rather a guideline for shifting your perspective to enable you to be more open minded about relationships and find one that works for you.

1) They’re “Too Tall” or “Too Short”
For some reason there is a common belief that, in a hetero relationship, the male needs to be taller than the female. This standard is one that is held by both genders, but is probably voiced most often by females.

You frequently hear girls say, “He’s cute, but he’s shorter than me.”

Or tall girls say, “Why do all the short girls take the tall guys? Leave some for the rest of us.”

This advice really applies to any specific physical quality you think your partner absolutely needs to have. The truth is these things matter very little. If you are attracted to someone but decide not to date them because they are missing a certain quality that for whatever reason is a “deal breaker” for you, or because they are the wrong height, that’s called being shallow.

If not now, you will eventually come to this realization on your own. Having standards is important, but being picky is going to lead to nothing but disappointment.