8 Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants


This year, skip the tired gifts of ties, tools or socks for your dad. Yes, we know, he’ll love anything you get him no matter how last-minute or poorly thought out the gift is.

Even though that might be true (those darn parents, loving us unconditionally and stuff), you know deep down that your dad deserves more. Why not get him something this year that he can enjoy wholeheartedly, something useful and/or meaningful?

For the Dad with Hobbies

An Arccos Golf Tracking System is a great way for him to track his game. The tiny sensors are adhered to the top of his clubs and the iPhone app can assess where his strengths and weaknesses are.

For the avid golfer, this will help him see where he can improve. While this might keep Dad out on the course more than Mom would like, he’ll certainly love this gift.