8 Things to Say to Your Kids Everyday


What was the first thing your children heard you say this morning? What was the last thing you said to your son or daughter today? What we say to our children as parents, grandparents and guardians matters – probably more than you think.

Take a good look around with your eyes. Have a close listen or two with your ears. What you see and hear your children do and say is not only a reflection on you; it is a reflection of what is happening in the world around them.

Everybody has a different code of ethic. What we learned as children may or may not be what we want for our own children. The world is big and ever-changing. But one thing remains constant. Children thrive from unwavering positive reinforcement. Their spirits are natural-born happy seekers that want to please and be pleased. Perhaps this sounds a little self-centered. But to a child it is all they know; and to keep their innocence and peace of mind alive and well, they need to know they are accepted with open arms and loved. Love is the primary key to a child’s success – forever.

While this sounds very well and good, sometimes people struggle with this concept. Whether the commitment feels too great or the definition of love seems too varied, it all boils down to personal discipline, compassion and appreciation for life. Just ask yourself how it would make you feel if someone told you they believed in you no matter what. It may take you awhile to believe it. But sooner or later, we do come to believe in the truth of love if we are often reminded of its value for our lives as human beings. Children are especially designed to receive loving messages. When respect and love are devoid in a child’s life, soon will their spirits retreat into a cocoon of loneliness, fear, sadness and anger.

We are all human beings with an innate essence for connection and positive reinforcement. Here are a few examples of encouragement you can share with your children to help them grow into confident adults:

1. Just Try It
Keeping fearlessness in the forefront of new experiences helps children see the value of exploration. By encouraging your child to try something new in a calm and safe environment can help him trust his own instincts, as well as help him feel a loving mutual connection with you. Go ahead. Give your kids a gentle nudge to just try it!

  • julius rosen

    I love u is the most powerful message