8 Biggest Relationship Mistakes

Going Too Fast

As everyone who’s ever been in one knows, relationships take a lot of work, and whenever two people make a lasting commitment to each other, there are bound to be some bumps along the way. Even so, some relationship mistakes are more easily avoided than others. These eight amorous errors on this list are ones you’ll definitely want to steer clear of, or you might well find yourself single sooner than you intended.

1. Going Too Fast
So you met, went out on one date, and had a nice little good-night kiss. This doesn’t mean the other person is your girlfriend/boyfriend, or wants to be. While it’s good to be open and up front about what you’re looking for, getting in too deep too quickly is a major turnoff for members of both sexes. It’s better to play it cool and let the relationship evolve (or not evolve) at its own pace.