8 Amazing Facts about Dreams


Dreams have been a fascinating subject for thousands of years. Everyone experiences dreams, as well as the unpleasant counterpart of the occasional nightmare. People have been studying dreams for years; the scientific study of dreams is called Oneirology, while dream interpretation or dream analysis is the study of the meaning of dreams. There is quite a bit of interest in dreams from both parties, and here are eight interesting facts about dreams from both studies.

1. You Are Paralyzed
Sleep paralysis, the inability to talk or move, or even react at all, comes in two forms. Many people experience it at some point in time when they are waking or falling asleep; this can be an isolated incident for some people, but it can also be a chronic, stressful problem for many individuals. Many people who suffer this form of sleep paralysis report that they experience terrifying hallucinations while they are unable to react. The other type of sleep paralysis is not a true paralysis, but simply that while you are asleep, your body is unable to react fully, or at all, to external stimuli. This is almost like being paralyzed, as it is a vulnerable state that you cannot voluntarily move or speak in.