8 Ingenious Hacks for Common Household Chores

Work wouldn’t be so bad if you could just go home and relax. Going to your friend’s daughter’s Christmas concert also wouldn’t be so bad if you already didn’t already have so little precious time to yourself.

Instead you end up spending big chunks of your week just doing household chores. And when you finally finish them, it’s time to start the list over again…

Fortunately there are many ways to streamline these tedious tasks! Check out these ingenious hacks for common household chores and spend more time doing things you actually WANT to be doing.

Let the Microwave Clean Itself

1. Let the Microwave Clean Itself
It can take a lot of scrubbing to get all that caked on food off the inside walls of your microwave. Make your life easier and simply microwave a bowl of water for two to three minutes.

The steam will loosen any food particles, allowing you to simply wipe down the walls and move on to the next chore on your list.