8 Genius Ways to Make Household Products Last Longer

Make It Foam

Of all the boring responsible adult things we have to spend money on, household cleaning products are the worst. No, I don’t really want to spend my hard earned money on toilet bowl cleaner, thanks…

Save yourself from having to buy  soap and sponges more frequently than your sanity can handle (and save yourself some money while you’re at it) with these eight tips to make your household products last longer!

Make It Foam
Save your left over foaming soap dispenser bottles and reuse them in place of the soap pump bottles that your favorite hand and body washes come in. By adding some of your expensive soap to the foaming bottle and topping with water you can make your good soap last twice as long.

Don’t have any foaming bottles on hand? No worries! Most drugstores and big box stores sell reusable foaming pump bottles and they don’t cost much!