8 Scary Things Optometrists Can Tell about You Just by Examining Your Eyes

Grave's Disease

Have you ever used these excuses for not going to the eye doctor? “I don’t need to go because I can see fine” or “My prescription hasn’t changed, so I’ll put off going until next year.”

If so, you are neglecting a crucial part of your health. Going to the optometrist is about more than just whether or not you can see properly. There are a number of things that your eye doctor can tell about your health from examining your eyes.

Yes, your optometrist can tell if you have cataracts or glaucoma. But amazingly, they can also discover a variety of other health problems just by taking a look at your eyes.

Here are eight conditions your eyes can warn you about!

Grave’s Disease
Exophthalmos, or bug eyes, can be an indicator of Grave’s disease, which is characterized by an overactive thyroid. Other symptoms of Grave’s disease include nervousness, a rapid pulse and weight loss.

Optometrists usually check for bulging eyes by looking for visible whiteness between the top of the iris and the eyelid. They also sometimes observe how frequently the patient blinks, since many individuals with Grave’s disease blink less frequently than normal.