8 Effective Ways to Prevent Getting a Cold This Winter


1. Wash Your Hands ALL THE TIME and Wash Them Better
Just walked in the door after work? Wash your hands. In the locker room after a good work out? Wash your hands. About to eat lunch at your desk? Wash your hands.

If the thought “I haven’t really touched anything” enters your head as an excuse as to why you probably don’t need to wash your hands, wash them anyways. Not to freak you out, but germs are everywhere!

You don’t know who “cleaned” your desk or coughed over it. Better to be safe.

You should also make sure you actually know how to wash your hands properly. The issue is that most people don’t wash their hands for long enough.

You need to actually scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. That doesn’t mean rub some soap between the palms of your hands, but actually make sure you get between your fingers and on your fingernails!

Using soap efficiently is way more important than making sure the water is hot.