8 Foods Scientists Can’t Seem to Make up Their Minds On

Red Wine

Scientists are constantly conducting studies on all kinds of food. And while the line between what is healthy and not healthy is usually pretty clear (vegetables and fruit=healthy, candy and soda=not healthy), there are some foods that scientists just can’t make their minds up on.

It’s not that these foods sit on the line itself. No, usually when a study comes out about these particular foods it argues¬†one extreme or the other: it’s either awesome for you, or terrible.

Because scientists seem so confused about these foods (and because these foods are so good), most of us use the positive studies to justify our eating habits while turning a blind toward the ones that say we shouldn’t be eating something.

We’ll take things from here, scientists.

Red Wine
Red wine contains flavonoid, a compound full of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body to prevent cancer. It also has resveratrol, another compound that burns down fats in the body to prevent cholesterol accumulation. Yay for red wine!

However, red wine contains alcohol content that is harmful to unborn babies. It can also trigger migraines due to the presence of accumulated histamines and tannins. Prolonged use is suspected to cause diseases such as diabetes, as it increases triglyceride levels in the body. Hmm, maybe not so great after all.