8 Surprising Foods That Cause Cancer


It may be impossible to eat healthily all the time, but do you even know the difference between something that has a few extra calories and something that can cause long-term negative effects on your health? You might be surprised to find out that many foods that are called healthy are loaded with poisonous carcinogens. Here’s a list of eight surprising foods that cause cancer:

1. Microwave Popcorn
Microwaveable popcorn is convenient, but eating it is a risky endeavor. That’s because chemicals in the lining of the bag have been tested and found to cause testicular, liver and pancreatic cancers. The main culprit is a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid. So the next time you decide to pop some popcorn, do it the old-fashioned way. 

  • DNeedham

    Gee. I feel like I should have died a long time ago based on this list. I think I will just move to the site that says that most of these foods are healthy. Give me a break!!!

    • Kimberly J Cody

      I don’t eat most of this list and I eat good. I grow my own vegetables and can them like my mother did. I eat fresh vegetables when ever I can and I don’t eat processed meat. You can buy lunch meat with out nitrates and bacon too. It’s not the end of the world. I eat organic chicken, turkey and wild caught fish and sea food. Hello!!!!!

      • Jeremy Alexander

        And you will still die at likely the exact age of the people that don’t do that. It is refreshing for people that are allergic to self righteous bs to know that you are just making an existential a-hole out of yourself.

        • Kimberly J Cody

          I will die when God says my time is up but I will be healthier or I could eat junk and be sickly till I die. I am not self righteous I am not gloating I was just making a simple statement that you can eat good with a good diet and be healthier.

          • Peaceful1

            Kimberly, I have never commented in a blog until now because I have to say you did not deserve that harsh comment. There is probably so much more to how you live than the food you eat. I imagine that’s just a part of the wholesome existence you have created. You obviously have an appreciation for all things Mother Earth provides. I admire you. It takes a lot of hard work to live a simpler life and see that work as a labor of love. I envy wonderful people like you. Long ago I was going to marry my high school sweetheart, live in the country, raise gardens, livestock & children, be happy and content. I lost him to a war and 41 years later it still breaks my heart I never got a chance to live that dream. On the other hand it warms my heart to know there are people like you who really do live that dream. I too feel sorry for those who don’t understand that but don’t waist your sweet breath explaining yourself. Unfortunately they never will.

          • Kimberly J Cody

            I am so truly sorry for your loss. It is hard to eat the way I do sometimes but with food problems like mine I have too. Thanks for the kind words. I am getting my garden ready to plant again and it is very therapeutic and peaceful to work in the dirt. Have a great day!

      • Wild pop


  • Wade Russell

    After reading this list, my question is “What’s left, that is safe to eat?” I think this list is bullshit.

    • fuggetaboudit

      Shoe leather, that’s about it.

    • Charles Wright

      I agree, this list is not telling the truth 🙁

  • Hillslider

    Moderation in all things, kiddies…INCLUDING moderation (We have to cut loose once in a while)

  • Louis in DE

    As a 50 year old in perfect health who prides herself on following a meticulously planned diet and exercise program based on many years of research and trial, I am proud to announce that this article is pure, unadulterated BULLSHIT!

  • Mickey Miller

    If ypu buy vegies in the market – the chances are they ALL have G M O ‘s
    Everyone cannot grow their own organicaly

    • Jeremy Alexander

      Almost everything humans have consumed for thousands of years has been genetically engineered. The only difference is that you could explain the process to stupid people even a century ago. Now people need to actually have some education to understand the process, and most people don’t, so now we have housewives and playboy models that want to pretend they are doctors. smh

  • Jeremy Alexander

    This list would be much better if it had links to scientific studies proving its claims. Until then, I call bs.

  • Paul Hatgil

    I love chocolates, candy, three teaspoons of sugar with my coffee, anything sweet’ I was born in 1921.

  • JJ truth

    All the denial and excuse making to consume contaminated food instead of taking action is sickening. The American food supply is full of dangerous toxins because people’s ignorance allows them to be guinea pigs. Read the labels and buy organic and shop the farmer’s market as often as you can. That means cutting back on portions and buying less food or grow your own in containers. Of course, Monsanto is buying up all the seeds so that only GMO foods will be left. Boycotting bad products should be a no-brainer. But too many folks commenting here would rather ingest the poison and turn out the light instead of voting responsibly and making the food supply an issue. I appreciate this article and reading labels is important as well as informed articles like this warning of tainted, poisoned food. Keep it coming. Good job.