8 TV Series Finales That Missed the Mark

Chappelle's Show

Everybody hates to say goodbye, even if it’s just to a television show. Because dedicated viewers have grown to care about characters over the course of many seasons, an unsatisfying conclusion to a series is much more frustrating than say, a clichéd movie ending. This makes writing a series finale a risky venture.

How can you write a quality episode that effectively ties up all of the show’s loose ends? How can you meet fans’ expectations, but still manage to throw in a surprise or two?

While shows like Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights figured out brilliant answers to these questions, the writers of the following eight shows definitely did not.


8. Chappelle’s Show
When Dave Chappelle decided against renewing the contract of his immensely popular sketch comedy show, he thought that he’d left his series on a high note. Unfortunately, Comedy Central had other plans. They aired a non Chappelle-authorized “third season” of the show, assembled from random scraps and half-baked (if you’ll excuse the pun) ideas.

While even Chappelle’s worst sketches are better than the best offerings from shows like Mind of Mencia, the third season is largely viewed as “non-canon” by Chappelle’s fans.

  • Lauren Johnson

    I agree with Dexter and Lost being # 1 and # 2, both those show’s endings were such a let down from amazing shows:( Especially Lost because it felt like the whole show meant nothing in the end after all the mysteries weren’t satisfactorily explained and it was a waste of time!

    • Mr. Pedantic

      This myth keeps being repeated: that Lost was a great show, but the ending was a letdown (for many). The final episode was not the problem; by that time the show had painted itself into so many corners that the finale was almost irrelevant. The problem with Lost wasn’t the finale; it was the last four seasons.