8 Celebs That Hide Their Smoking Habit


In modern day Hollywood, openly smoking cigarettes has become a huge taboo, despite the party-lifestyle stars are often associated with. With a hefty push through the 90’s to eliminate the habit from general cinema, entertainers of all kinds feel a real pressure to keep a tight lid on the habit.

Even their efforts to hide it carry the kind of implied shame that producers can get behind. “Sure, the star of the latest family blockbuster may smoke, but look how terrible they feel about it!”

So, here’s a list of eight celebs who go to the trouble of hiding their smoking habit. Take it easy on the shaming, because they’ve been through it all before.

As of right now, Adele has quit cigarettes. Her well-publicized vocal chord surgery in 2011 may have been due to over-use of her voice, but her 25-cig-a-day habit is likely what stoked the flame.

Thankfully, it served as an apparent wake-up call to the 27-year-old singer, who noticed a welcome change in her voice and abilities since quitting.

  • Lois Austin

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