8 Celebrities Who Are Open about Their Struggles with Mental Illness

Brooke Shields

While there have been concerted efforts in the past few years to bring awareness to mental illness and end stigmas surrounding mental disorders, there is still much work to be done. The topics of depression and eating disorders were talked about in our grade school health classes, but sometimes it takes high profile celebrities to really bring to light the realities of mental illness.

These celebrities are just a handful of those who have gone public about their mental health struggles, with the intention of ensuring their fans don’t feel alone in their personal battles.

1) Brooke Shields
After struggling to get pregnant and then experiencing a difficult birth, Brooke Shields finally held her beautiful baby girl in her arms. However, soon after the birth in 2003 — which involved an emergency C-section due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around the baby’s neck, and Shields’ uterus herniating during surgery — she entered a bought with postpartum depression. During this time she felt ashamed, helpless, secretive, and despairing.

Shields described feeling disconnected from her daughter, which led to her experiencing feelings of self-harm. After receiving therapy and taking medication, Shields eventually recovered. She is quoted saying she feels thankful she got the help she needed.

Postpartum depression affects one in 10 new mothers within the first sixth months after giving birth.

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