8 Stars Who Are Aging Terribly


6. Haley Joel Osment
Once the cherub-cheeked darling of movies such as Forrest Gump and The Sixth Sense, puberty was unkind to Haley. His cheeks never slimmed out with age, and his jaw is far too heavy for his face. Add weight gain and a scruffy beard and Haley hasn’t aged well at all.

  • vester puddytat

    I’ve destroyed all of my youthful photos so only my current beauty can show!!

  • jay brody

    I’d still do you Pam. Call me. 🙂

  • Donald Johnson

    Once a Doll & now a Hag.

  • Donald Johnson

    Damn Richard what the hell happened to you?

  • Sharon Numnut

    Lets not be so quick to judge these people because they are getting older and don’t have that youthful look anymore. At least they aren’t stupid enough to have face lifts etc like the ones that are too much into themselves. Let nature take its course and embrace it and be the true you.

  • nvagni

    Give these people a break. Metabolism slows down as we get older. It is natural to start to look older and many gain weight as they get older as well.
    To me that looks a lot better than the people who get bad plastic surgery and go to any lengths to be thin and all the other crazy stuff people do to try to look younger.

    • kevin s

      Once again….bad diet and not much exercise is the cause of much aging early!

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    You can say the same about almost everyone. Time shows no mercy on any of us.

  • beauty is fleeting.

  • terry513

    Why do all the Jackson’s blame their lighter skin on vitaligo? Vitaligo usually affects people by patchy white splotches instead of smooth lightening of skin. They all took medications that inhibit melanin from being formed and darkening the skin. Some extremely pale people also take in for reverse actions. When they want a healthy glow of tan or brown, they take meds that increase the production of melanin. Who do they think they’re kidding and why?

    • patsaison

      They think that black is not beautiful and try to look whitish while they scream black is beautiful.

  • Corrine Snyder

    I have never thought Richard was attractive but looks like a nice grandpa. john Travolta and the rumors, just yuck.

  • Joe Freeman

    Well, the general rules are don’t get fat, don’t spend too much time in the sun and exercise and eat right. After that it’s largely a matter of genetics, i.e. your hair thins or you go bald etc. Overdone plastic surgery and too much botox are to be avoided, but the craze for big lips and no wrinkles continues.

  • Lee McCrary

    Travolta is 61 and has the body of a 60 year old man, so what, it’s nature.

    • kevin s

      It’s not nature….it’s bad eating and little or no exercise!

  • Pd Cash

    Go to an elder care facility. Besides the employees, do you see any fat folks?

  • gene the machine

    it zappens to the best of us this age zing- but vwhat matters most to the host is what happens after we kick the can or the bucket in the game of life if i may dare ask here- how many of you here are ready— dust to dust axls to axls — it used to be this is your brain on drugs (ala 1970s) anti drug tv commercial, here today this could just as sleazily beast be the 2010s version this is your face on drugs 15 years hence for many here (20 years prematurely surely)

  • kevin s

    What’s with Anderson and the Botswana shirt? Heck if he actually went there (which I doubt he has) he would/will notice no fat slobs like him there!

  • Douglas Paul

    Whoever came up with this article needs to have a red hot poker shoved up their ass. Shame on you. I hope you to remember this article when you are scooting around on your walker.

  • Yoma Ma

    I would love to see a before and after of the author of this piece, and see what 30-40 years does on your looks- shallow POS

  • Kevin Lorka

    For actors who depended on their looks and not their acting skills (Pamela Anderson) aging can be a career killer. Others like Meryl Streep aging doesn’t matter. Whatever happened to Glen Close?

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