8 Best Cars for the Modern Soccer Mom

Nissan Pathfinder

A modern soccer mom’s car has a lot to handle. From carpools, after-school and week-end sports and activities, family vacations and a full host of mom “to do” list stuff, the functionality and versatility of the car must be spot on. A car that is up to the task will interact well with family life, will be user-friendly and will ...

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8 Signs You Should Never Ignore When Dating

There are some things that should be considered bright-red flags when dating.  If you look closely, your relationship may be giving you subtle signs that maybe your picture perfect pairing is not so perfect after all.  These red flags that your relationship is not the best match-up are not always as obvious to you as they are to others. Your ...

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8 Signs You Are Ready to Retire

For most people their main goal while working is to save enough money for retirement. It can be tough to know when it’s time to leave the work force. More importantly, are you really ready? Here are 8 signs that suggest it may be time to leave the working world behind for good. 1. You Can Afford It One of ...

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8 Things to Buy at a Dollar Store

You may be wasting a lot of money buying things from your local department or grocery store instead of a dollar store. A lot of times the dollar store is over looked. Many think that all of the items available at the dollar store are cheap and not as well made as brand name items. Although this may be true ...

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8 Hacks for Automating Your Life

The 21st century is all about working smarter, not harder, and using technology to make our lives easier. This culture has given rise to the concept of “life hacking,” in which inane, quotidian tasks are automated to the greatest possible degree. Theoretically, this allows you to spend less time on boring busy work and more time on the things you ...

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