8 Common Medications You Shouldn’t Be Taking

8 Common Medications You Shouldn't Be Taking

Many people think little about the over-the-counter drugs that they take for a variety of ailments, believing that anything that does not need to be prescribed by a doctor must be completely safe. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth; using drugs sold over the counter for an extended period of time or taking more than the recommended ...

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8 Foods to Avoid like the Plague

Eating healthier foods can make a significant difference in critical health matters, such as weight management, reducing cholesterol and maintaining proper blood glucose levels. Recent studies indicate that several foods commonly found in western diets can have a detrimental effect on health and longevity. If you would like to improve your general health, both now and in the future, you ...

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Body odor is top among the things society has silently branded a taboo to talk about. Not enough is said concerning this and many people end up being ignorant about their body odor. Scientists that study volatile organic compounds claim that every human being has a unique and specific odor, just like fingerprints. Furthermore, your body odor has a very ...

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8 Surprising Foods That Cause Cancer

It may be impossible to eat healthily all the time, but do you even know the difference between something that has a few extra calories and something that can cause long-term negative effects on your health? You might be surprised to find out that many foods that are called healthy are loaded with poisonous carcinogens. Here’s a list of eight ...

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8 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease occurs when an illness or injury disrupts the functioning of a person’s kidneys. Since the kidneys act as a filter to remove wastes and other byproducts from the human body, the gradual loss of functioning can lead to the build up of dangerous wastes and fluids in a person’s system. Early on, the symptoms of kidney disease are ...

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