8 Pieces of Advice from Business Tycoons About Success

Take Risks

We all want to be successful, whether it’s in our self-owned business venture or our personal life. The thing about success, though, is that it’s a tough road. Sometimes so tough that we feel like giving up.

If you’re feeling in need of some inspiration, who better to get it from than some of the greats. We forget that every successful man or woman was once an unsuccessful one. They, too, had to overcome personal shortcomings and life’s obstacles.

So what do they have to say about success?

Take Risks
“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” John D. Rockefeller (Industrialist)

Sometimes, success requires risk. Many people will avoid taking this risk to stick with something comfortable and stable.

This something comfortable could be a comfortable job, comfortable living situation, or a comfortable choice. Don’t be afraid to leave something behind to obtain something even better!