8 Things That Will Freak You out If You Think Too Hard About Them


The human brain is a powerful tool. Sure, we don’t use it to its full capacity all the time (some argue we NEVER come close to using it to its full capacity, actually); it hardly takes much energy or brain power to think about day to day things such as what we want to have for dinner or where we left our car keys.

But, on the whole, the human brain is capable of some pretty amazing things. Pushing our minds to their limits in science, math, philosophy, language and astronomy is how the world progressed to where it is today.

And yet… there are some things we just don’t have the ability to understand. Frustrating? Yes. But some of these topics are so deep and unfathomable that they become downright scary.

These are things that don’t bother us in the day to day. Even if you were to glance over this list you probably wouldn’t be bothered much by them. But when you sit down and think hard about these topics — that’s when you start to get freaked out. Eventually, you will enter full on existential crisis mode.

Sound fun? Take a look and give these some thought!

Scoff if you will, but more than half the people in the U.S. believes in flying saucers. But that’s not the freaky part.

A lot of people believe we are just goldfish in a bowl to aliens; they study us like we study cockroaches. If you want the ultimate paranoia, just think about “them” watching us all the time.

Take things a step further and think about the sheer size of the universe in general. How much must be out there that we don’t know anything about. And how minuscule, insignificant and powerless we are in comparison.