8 Stupid Things We Have All Done


As far as we humans have come, as intelligent and masterful as we think we are, we still do some pretty stupid things.

This is universal stupidity. Things that we do that just don’t make any sense. Mistakes we make over and over again whenever our concentration lapses.

In fact, most of these things do seem to happen as a result of us being distracted, whether because we are multi-tasking or just thinking about other things. While we can try to be more focused on the tasks at hand in an attempt to avoid doing these dumb things, we can never get away from them entirely.

They’re just part of the human existence. So let’s unite over the common moments where it seems like we don’t have anything in life figured out.

1. Attacking Inanimate Objects
Sometimes it’s because you’re just having one of those days where every little thing makes you angry. Sometimes it’s because you’re having a great day and then one thing makes an attempt to ruin it. Sometimes you’re just a violent person.

We’ve all done this at some point. Your computer is being really slow or isn’t working properly so you start pounding on the keyboard keys as the anger within swells.

Or your phone just autocorrected the eighth word in a row wrong even though you were clearly pressing the right letter, so you start yelling at your phone to stop being such a piece of garbage and maybe even go so far as to throw it across the room.

Or you are innocently making your way into the kitchen when you stub your toe on the door frame that you swear you weren’t even anywhere near so then you start verbally berating the door frame for existing and having the nerve to stub your toe like that.

Such attacks do absolutely nothing. But man do they feel good.