8 Fascinating Ways School Has Changed in the Last Hundred Years

School Teachers

You might feel like the education system has already changed a lot since you were in school. Even by the time you are done post-secondary education or high school, the elementary school level has changed beyond recognition.

But if you think that school has changed a lot in the last decade, think about how far things have come in the last hundred years! Education never used to be mandatory, for instance.

But ever since it started to become a normal part of every child’s life, education has been evolving.

Here are some of the major ways school has changed!

1. School Teachers
In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, school teachers were generally women. There were many rules imposed on her tenure as a teacher at a particular school.

She wouldn’t have been allowed to marry while she was employed at the school. Other rules prohibited certain behavior, such as loitering at ice cream parlors in town, and appearance, such as not dying hair or dressing in bright colors.

Some young men were also school teachers, but this was less common.