8 Dental Horror Stories That Prove Dentist Appointments Are Evil

A Dentist Who Enjoys Murdering His Patients

A Dentist Who Enjoys Murdering His Patients
We all have the idea that our dentists want to help us have healthy teeth and gums because they want us to live comfortably. Well not this particular dentist.

Dentist Tony Protopappas was more interested in killing people in cold blood. He intentionally gave two women and one young girl lethal doses of anesthesia in the early 80’s, for which he was convicted on three counts of second-degree murder in 1984. Protopappas was released from prison in 2011, and though he’ll never have a license to practice dentistry again, he had a number of job offers to work in dental labs at the time of his parole.

Perhaps that crown on your back molar was crafted by a murderer.

  • virginia gascon

    fortunately , there are excellent dentists who have not only allieviated pain , improving esthetics (replacing teeth, etc)
    just think of the centuries before and the horror of no teeth and /or the pain those people endured !

  • gahh

    My former dentist forced everybody to listen to religious music from the time you walked in the door, until you left. The last time I called his office, he wanted 9 hundred dollars to repair a broken veneer tooth. This had happened before, and he had charged me 3 hundred dollars, now he was wanting 9 hundred for the same repair. I saw an ad from another dentist for free estimates on dental work. Imagine my surprise when the new dentist wanted $250.00 dollars to repair the broken veneer tooth, while my old dentist that was so Christian and religious, lied and wanted to steal from me.
    If you’re being given a huge estimate for work, check around and never let them talk you into signing a contract. Another dentist wanted me to sign an 8 thousand dollar contract, with a 27 percent interest rate, for work I did not need. Dentists Lie, and will steal from you. Always check around first!!