8 Cringe-Worthy Stories About the Worst Teachers Ever


No one goes through school without having at least a couple of teachers who suck at their job. Thankfully, most of the time those teachers don’t do too much damage, besides perhaps making you hate their subject for a year or causing you to not get as good of a grade as you could have otherwise.

Unfortunately, there are some truly terrible teachers out there. It’s not even that they are awful at teaching; instead the problem seems to be more the fact that they are terrible human beings in general.

Get ready for some truly horrible stories about the worst teachers ever.

Stories courtesy of AskReddit.

1) toastedbreadcrumb
I had a math teacher who literally didn’t teach math at all. He just wrote the numbers on the board for the problems we had to do in the textbook.

All class long he would just sit at his desk on his office chair and stare at his computer. And every time he had to move around the classroom he would just roll around in his office chair waddling his feet against the ground.

Every time I turned in work he would just stare at the paper for literally 3 seconds, make a huge check mark on it with his pen, and write down 100% in his grade book. He never checked the answers.

I tested it one day. A friend and I wrote “penis” for a few answers on our work, and made him check our work. Did he notice? Nope. Did we get an ‘A’? Yup.

He had the counselors make me skip Pre-Algebra and go straight into an Algebra I class. Had no clue what I was doing.