8 Unsolved Mysteries of the World

Cicada 3301

1. Cicada 3301
Cicada 3301 is the name given to an unknown group that burst forth on the internet early in 2012. They allegedly posted an image that held a secret message that urged those interested to find it. This message spurred would be solvers to collaborate all across the globe. As of yet no information on the groups has been found. Those who have claimed to get to the end of the tests have not been forthcoming with any information on the group.

  • Devin S. – Alabama

    The “Hessdalen Lights” are nothing more than a form of “Ball Lightning” which is a phenomenon that is being studied by many scientists worldwide.

    I believe that “Ball Lightning” or “Hassdalen Lights” are caused when lightning strikes the ground, the Silicon that occurs naturally in soil, mixes with Carbon & Oxygen which turns into Pure Silicon Vapor. As the Pure Silicon Vapor cools it becomes very minute particles of Silicon Dust which binds together into a ball, since each particle has an electrical charge which attracts to one another as a result of the lightning strike. The heat and glow of this phenomenon is released from the chemical energy which is a result of the Silicon mixing with the oxygen in the air. Once the Silicon has been burned off, the “Ball Lightning” or “Hassdalen Lights” phenomenon comes to an end.

    This phenomenon has also occurred from an abundance of Aluminum & other Iron-Metals instead of silicon. In these cases, particularly around power lines or electrical stations there is such a large build-up of ions and with the addition of an atmospheric discharge, there doesn’t need to be a bolt of lighting for this phenomenon to occur. This may also explain the different intensities & various colors of “Ball Lighting” or “Hassdalen Lights” that have been reported by witnesses.

    Recently, researchers of the Federal University in Pernambuco have verified the theory with silicon substrate and high-voltage arcs. They applied 140 amperes of electricity to silicon substrate, which vaporized the substrate and sometimes produced golf ball-sized fireballs or orbes.