8 Clichés That Are Wrong on so Many Levels

All's Fair in Love and War

Clichés are a huge part of our lives, mostly because they tend to be based on truth. Unfortunately, times change — and so too do the applicability of some clichés.

Instead of living your life in a manner that’s based on outdated information, you should take a moment to figure out if you’re living by one of these eight outdated clichés.

All’s Fair in Love and War
This one’s patently not true, isn’t it? There are definitely rules that govern war — you hear about them all the time on the news.

The same goes for love. While there perhaps aren’t definitive rules laid out when it comes to relationships, there are certainly expectations associated with love. When you are in love or trying to get someone to fall in love with you, the general expectation is that you will act in a respectful manner. Any other sort of behavior will probably lose you that battle for someone’s heart.

In a less literal sense, the saying is trying to draw a comparison between love and war in that they can both be brutal and damaging (war in a physical sense, love in an emotional sense). While that might sound accurate in a poetic sort of way, in reality it just doesn’t pan out. Can we really compare the pains of love to the haunting horror of war?