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Aquarium and Fish Tank Maintenance

Would you like to know the secret of aquarium and fish tank maintenance? Well, in actuality the secret has to do with various things, including the size of your fish tank, the number of fish and the wear and tear of your aquarium equipment. All of these things work together to keep your tank clean, and your fish healthy. In general, a larger aquarium will actually be easier to maintain, because I larger tank, there is more water flow and therefore it is easier to maintain the right ecological balance.

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There are several things which will determine the basic schedule of maintenance for your aquarium. Believe it or not, some of these may seem a bit strange. For example, did you realize that where you place your tank can have a big impact on its maintenance schedule? Place it in a hard to reach spot in the room and it will definitely get neglected, so think about that before you buy one piece of equipment

So what needs cleaning more often? A large tank or small aquarium tank?

Actually, the smaller tank will need to be cleaned more often. Since the larger tank has more water volume, waste material from your fish are dispersed over a much larger area. this means that your filtration system does not have to work as hard and your aquarium water will be cleaner longer.Image result for Fish Tank Maintenance

The aquarium filtration system is a big factor in fish tank maintenance. One of the best systems to use is a biological filter along with a mechanical or chemical filter. the biological aquarium filter works by setting up a bacterial balance in the water by allowing “good” bacteria to process all of the waste material and maintain the proper Nitrite level. the chemical and mechanical filter is another level of safety, and these will help keep the water clean from actual floating particles. Use a combination of these filters or Best Canister Filters for the best results.

Are you making a very big mistake with your fish?

Over feeding is probably the number one error that people make, and this will adversly affect the water quality of your tank. When your fish do not eat all of the food given to them in one feeding, then the excess will cause a pollution problem. You need to know what type of fish you will keep, what type of food they eat, how much food to feed them and how often to feed them. In general, do not feed them more than they can eat in one sitting.

On a daily basis, you should check the water temperature of the fish tank, the general appearance and behavior of your fish and the quality of the appearance of the water. Do not forget to also check the working status of your filters.

On a weekly basis, you should change about fifteen percent of the aquarium water, making sure that you do not suck up any of your fish in the process. If you have aquarium plants in the tank, then take off any dead leaves you might find. clean the algea that has accumulated off the glass with an algae scraper of an algae magnet, and while you are at it, you can also clean the outside of the tank as well.

Do all of these things and your fish tank maintenance should give you a nice clean aquarium tank and help keep your fish happy and healthy.