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10 Expert Backyard Party Tips

When entertaining outdoors it’s the small details that make a big difference. Simple things such as drink tubs and food covers can make a big difference in your outdoor Backyard Party success. Try some of the tips we’ve picked up over the years to make your very next backyard soiree the best one yet.Image result for Backyard Party Tips

1.   Set up food and drink stations around the party area to encourage guests to walk about and mingle. Try a fruit buffet, appetizer table or lemonade and drink stand. Have one station for wine, another for cocktails and a third for beer and non-alcoholic drinks – this will help guests socialize.

2.   Have bug spray set up at stations around the yard so guests can help themselves and spend more time appreciating all your hard work and planning in comfort.

3.   Station a basket of simple and healthy snacks and a bucket of cold drinks on blankets near children’s play areas.

4.   Use mesh food covers to keep pests off food at the outdoor buffet or to protect guest’s unattended plates while they mingle.Image result for mesh food covers

5.   Place a simple camping tent or one of the many screened in shelters for kids to play in away from the main party area. Keep it close enough to be monitored but far enough away that the children can enjoy some youthful independence.

6.   Rather than standard paper napkins, use simple and chic tea towels as napkins – it simple, environmentally friendly and adds a great deal of style to your party. Mix and match colors depending on mood and season and simply wash and reuse for your next backyard get-together.

7.   Have a tub or bucket of warm soapy water and a couple hand towels accessible but out of the way to allow kids to wash their hands after some good healthy play.

8.   Separate beer, wine and nonalcoholic drinks into three separate coolers or iced buckets so that guests don’t have to fish for their drink of choice. To keep wine at proper serving temperatures, place the white wine into the ice and lay the red wine on top.

9.   Prepare as many foods in advance as possible so flavors will be enhanced. If you are not cooking at the last minute it will make the party more enjoyable and stress-free.

10.  Use small labels or tags (folded 3”x5” cards work) to identify food dishes at the outdoor buffet – for an added touch, include the recipe underneath and a notice for anyone with food allergies.♦

11. Star Light is best and perfect for party lighting.  These Outdoor Light Projectors are very easy to install and remove.

Follow above Backyard Party tips and enjoy the awosme party with friends and family.